French Mech vs Herman Goring Panzer Greinider

Allies: 3 | Elias
Axis: 4 | lindsayb

Combined French mech and Canadian Infantry forces attempted to breakthrough the lines held by the Herman Goring Panzer Grenadier forces.

A brutal assault for the church took place with the German forces defeating three assaults but finally succumbing to the relentless Canadian attack. Such bravery, straight up the hill into the German guns. Every solider on the hill, command and observers alive fought bravely with only a last surviving HMG crew running after expending all ammo. The Battle of Maple leaf hill, as the few survivors named it.

French forces attempted a mechanised breakthrough on the left flank onto the German guns, only to be countered by a timely German armoured counter attack, The French make a central advance slowly spraying the German infantry on the hill as they advance. Inaccurate German artillery fire has almost no effect on the allied advance.

Canadian tanks and infantry break though over Maple Leaf hill onto the German artillery positions, only to be countered by German assault guns and reconnaissance forces destroying the Sherman's before they could overrun the positions.

French reinforcements appear in the rear of the German position and destroy a panzer with a well placed shot to the rear. French mechanised forces push on, close to their objective with Allied air support claiming another German tank.

Appearing from the forest French tanks destroyers advance and claim another tank. Things look bad for the Germans. A last attack by the assault guns routs the Stewarts. With no forces on the central turn Allied forces decide to withdraw... The Germans snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in a very very narrowly won and very fun game.