78th Infantry Division, 3rd Battalion vs 26. Panzer Division

Allies: 5 | FrutigerSans
Axis: 2 | Witness

The German Panzers launch a hasty counterattack against Allied positions in an effort to blunt the tip of the Allied division.

With one flank concentrated with the Heavy British Artillery, the German Panther and Pz IV tanks opt to push down on the object guarded by the unsupported British infantry.

The initial barrage on the oncoming panzers proves to be lethal, knocking out a Panther and a Pz IV. Return fire from the German Nebelwerfers only managed to keep Tommies glued to their foxholes.

The concentrated fire from the Panzers and the Nebelwerfers see casualties racking up along the Tommy line under the leadership of the Company commander rally and hold their increasingly tenable positions.

In the nick of time, a platoon of Churchill Heavy Tanks wade up pass the beleaguered defenders. Cheers rise as the fire from the infantry tanks bail two of the oncoming Pz IVs.

Their hope was short-lived as the bailed out german crews quickly find their courage and rejoin the fight. In a daring move, the German Pz IVs race pass the Churchill's thick front armour to take shots at the weaker side armour, knocking out two of the three tanks, and sending the third in full retreat.

M10Cs from the Royal Tank Artillery attempt to reinforce the position, but only succeed in knocking out a Pz IV and bailing a Panther. The respite was short lived as the return fire from the German tanks take out one of the M10s and bail the Platoon Commander. To make matters worst, the German infantry were rapidly advancing to support the tank assault.

Raining in Danger close fire, the British heavy guns mercilessly shell the German tanks, knocking out two and bailing the other two. Unexpected as this reversal was, the British commander rallied the remaining soldiers, who sallied forward to capture the crews of the bailed out tanks.

With the Panzer Brigade's assault blunted and the German infantry still too far away to exploit their gains, the Germans fall back to lick their wounds, leave the British defenders to rebuild their defences.