1AD Tank Company vs 26. Panzerdivision Panzerkompanie

Allies: 1 | GeneralNick
Axis: 6 | ColJohan


26. Panzerdivision Panzerkompanie
HQ section: 2 Panzer IV H; Panzer plt: of 5 Panzer IV H; Panther Plt: of 5 Panther G; Priority Air Support Ju87D Stuka 1705 points

1AD Tank Company
HQ section: 2 Shermans M4A3 (late); 2 Tank Plts: 5 Shermans (3 M4A3 (late) and 2 M4A3 (76mm)); Priority Air Support P-47; Naval Gunfire Support: Light Cruiser 1705 points

The setup was fairly simple with a 4x4 board, a river and road, a couple of buildings on one side of the river, a Monastery on a hill on the other side and a few woods scattered about. In fact, we had used this board earlier with infantry companies going at it. The Americans were the attackers and Nick did just that, charging up the road with one plt and heading toward a ford with another plt. His plane had trouble getting past my interception rolls. He got lucky and killed one Panzer IV H on the road. My turn was similar except my Stuka got on the board and killed a Sherman.
Turn 2 was a bit different as Nick continued to roll down the road and get a side shot on a Panther while his other plt started crossing the ford. His plane roll was abysmal and after his shooting only one Panzer was bailed out. My turn however, was much different. My stuka came on again and killed another 3 Shermans and bailed out 1 at the ford. My Panzer plt moved to head off any Shermans that would make it across the ford while my HQ Panzers moved up to the river and shot at the Shermans along with the Panthers who had sat still. The result was all of that plt along with the 2iC dead except for one Sherman that was bailed out. Nick only had 1 working tank and 2 bailed out ones, he called it and gave up.

It seems like we didn't tale many pictures but really it was over so fast that there was no need. Oh and did you notice? the Naval Gunfire Support went unused, doh!