3ID Rifle Company vs 26. Panzerdivision Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 2 | GeneralNick
Axis: 5 | ColJohan

This was a pure infantry game with my Rifle Co of a HQ section, two full Rifle Plts, a Weapons Plt, and a small machinegun plt (785); Col Johan took a Panzergrenadierkompanie of a HQ sec, 2 Panzergrenadier Plts, a Mortar plt, and a Heavy Plt (790 points). We set up a little 4x4 board with a stream/river and a road to cross it. On my side were two of the new buildings from Battlefront, on the German's side the ruined monastery from Battlefront was on a hill and some woods scattered about finished it off.
We both set up in pretty much straight forward lines, though Col Johan took advantage of that Monastery on a hill and placed his weapons team's mortars in the base level and the observer in it's tower, with the machine guns in front (right ontop of the objective). He also took advantage of his National Rule Kampfgruppe and formed another plt with his 2iC which he placed squarely on the road leading toward my buildings. I placed my weapons plt on my right, hoping to guard that ford. One of my rifle plts went on my left and the other in the middle. The Germans were the attacker and went first, he immediately ran his troops toward the bank of the river on the left, his kampfgruppe straight up the road toward the buildings, and on his left his other PG plt to the bank. He had taken his Heavy Plt's cmdr and machine guns forward to the woods on his side of the river, leaving the mortars from the same plt on the hill over the objective. His first attempt to hurt me resulted in the loss of one of my mortar tms from my weapons plt. My first turn had me a bit out of sorts as I didn't have anything with his range except for my remaining two mortars but I didn't want them to die so I moved them behind the wood on my side of the river and the cmdr and machine guns from the weapons plt into that same wood. I didn't get any hits on his plts as I was trying to manuever to respond to his aggressive approach.

Turn 2 was even more frustrating as the German kampfgruppe made it into the building nearest the river. His PG plts and mortars took some tms from me and pinned all but one of my plts. On my turn I managed to rally everyone and dug in my weapons plt while both of my rifle plts moved to clear the buildings, one occupying the other one and the plt in the center making it into assault range of the Kampfgruppe's building. I managed to pin that plt in it's building and was hopeful that I would be able to clear them out. However, his kampfgruppe consisted of two machine gun tms, four rifle/mg tms, and a panzerschreck tm as well as the 2iC. With how he had them in the building, he still got 8 dice to try to stop my assault with defensive fire, he scored 5 hits and did just that. Now my rifle plt was in a bad spot between the buildings and exposed and missing some tms.

Turn 3 went badly for me on his turn as his mortars now had all the observers in place and the whole plt bombarded the building I was holding as well as the other rifle plt in front of it. The good thing about American Rifle plts in the Italy books is that they start with plenty of tms in case you take casualties early, however, if I didn't do something soon they would be shredded. My weapons plt did a good job of taking out his Heavy plt's machine guns in the wood and his PG plt next to it. I opted to try the assault again, and with all the firepower of both plts managed to pin his kampfgruppe again. However, again with reduced dice to roll he still managed to get 5 hits on me and stop my assault.

From turn 4 and 5 resulted in my rifle plt being wiped out and my ability to manuever almost moot. The Germans kept up the fire with his mortars and reduced my troops to only the HQ section, a reduced rifle plt and just two mortar tms from the weapons plt. On turn 6 I tried to make an end run to try to take an objective but couldn't get close before he shot me to pieces. With only a HQ section and two tms from the last rifle plt left I conceded defeat.

Our real regret here was that we forgot to take pictures after turn 2. The battle for the buildings was epic, and is Col Johan had not rolled so dang good in defensive fire things may have turned out differently.