Task Force Foxhound vs SS Panzer Gruppen Meier

Allies: 1 | killermime88
Axis: 6 | Frosty14

After our atrocious game that ended in a rout for the Allies last weekend, both myself and my friend Adam decided to do another battle and this one was much more competitive (along with better dice rolls.) Since this is fantasy, we created fictional WW2 Units. I choose the name Task Force Foxhound for the Allies and he chose SS Panzer Gruppen Meier...named after someone in his family.

This game was much more fierce and we decided to play a different type of game...using the Breakthrough Mission in main rule book. This made the battle a little more chaotic since our lines and our forces were spread out through table and it made the battle much more exciting. The objective was a bridge and cottage located in the southeast part of the game board.

The Allies were attacking southwest while the Germans held on to the objectives. Reserves on both sides were introduced during the battle if dice rolls cooperated. The game lasted 6 turns.

The dice rolls that helped Adam so much last week were not with him this week as the German Panzer Crews had their hands full with Veteran US Armored Personnel. We also decided to set our terrain up differently this time around have round go up and then down the southern part of the table...heading both east and west.

Despite the best efforts of the M1A1 Shermans, the German Panzer Group was simply too much for the Americans. The Germans won a stunning victory, but lost several key personnel, including their tank commander.

While Italy remains in German hands, American troops continue their slow slog up the boot...one step closer to ending the war.

American casualties: 4 Sherman Tanks, 3 platoons of US Infantry, 1 bazooka team, 2 infantry command teams and 1 HMG Team.

German casualties: 1 Panther Tank, 1 STUG G, 1 HMG Team and 2 Squads of Panzer Grenadiers.

Special thanks to Adam for introducing me to this fun, wonderful game and WWPD for allowing us to participate in this campaign.