3rd ID vs HG Panzergrenadiers

Allies: 1 | mtanquero
Axis: 6 | Thebumpkinboy

I was gathering as many armored assets as I could for a string of counter offensives towards monte cassino and the river valley when we received word that the mountain had fallen and our forces encircled. The offensive was to continue regardless when our train was stopped and redirected, the field marshal preferring to put my unit back in reserve. This turned out to be for good measure as today the Allies have invaded Anzio. Though their breakout efforts seem half hearted, they have been no less ferocious.

At a small estate in Padiglione woods, the owners having long abandoned the place, I was ordered to hold the line.
I was able dig in my infantry along the homestead, leaving pak40s and my panzer iii and ivs in ambush as reinforcements were being rushed to our aid.
Opposing me was a large infantry force, with an armored rifles platoon and tank hunters. They advanced in a large horde making the most use of the terrain to cover them. But the tank hunters were left exposed and the horde too tight.
My nebs were able to deal heavy damage to one platoon and pin both.
My ambushes were popped and began to rip through the units that could do the most damage, the tank hunters held tenaciously as the armored rifles ran.
After the destruction of these two units it was an easy matter as my reinforcements began streaming in pushing back the horde as my opponent whiffed pretty bad.
At the end of the battle I had lost no platoons but had not been able to use the flamm half track ( personal loss)
6-1 for Axis