British Armoured Company vs Grenadier Kompanie

Allies: 3 | OresNan
Axis: 4 | Vicentum

A British Armoured Company has been tasked with the capture of a small village.A platoon of british infantry will assist the two tanks platoons in cleaning the town.Facing them are two german grenadiers platoons supported by stug assault guns and pak 40 anti tank guns.While the infantry dug-in, the first platoon of tanks deploys along the west border of the town, near the forests.The second platoon advances trough the town and find a germnan platoon trying to force their entry into some buildings.The grenadiers are easily cut down with machine-gun fire, but one of the teams that managed to get into a building fires its panzerfaust,knocking out one tank.Meanwhile, the first tank platoon detected stug assault guns trying to enter the city, and succesfully knocked one out.However, the return fire destroyed 2 of the allied tanks.Meanwhile, in the town, the second platoon cleaned up the remaining grenadiers, and moved forward towards their objetive, firing and knocking out a german anti-tank gun.However, the remaining gun fired and knocked out another tank.The last tank lost its guts and retreated.In the forest, the stugs continued the advance and destroyed another tank.Facing almos complete annhilation, the British decided to retreat.