Goum Infantry vs HG Heavy Recon

Allies: 1 | Flark
Axis: 6 | DirtyJon

Hermann Goering Heavy Recce Squad faces off against the French Goumiers in Dust Up. The Germans attacked and put a

unit of Pioneer Infantry on the table with Hummels and StuH 42s backing them up. The Goums countered with a

platoon of Infantry, a unit of Spahi Light Tanks in Stuarts and an US Tank Destroyer platoon in M10s.

The M10s engaged the StuH platoon right off the bat, but did not manage to eliminate them, even with help from the

Stuarts. The combination of bombardment and StuH shooting took down the M10s, with just one StuH remaining. The

Tiger and some additional bombardment took down the Stuarts.

The Goum reserves arrived and had a hard time assaulting the MG Pioneers in cover, and took multiple bombardments

until finally giving up. 6-1 to the Axis.