Tank Squadron vs Grenadierkompanie

Allies: 4 | MarkoD
Axis: 3 | Kantoken

Mission: Fighting Withdrawal
German Grenadierkompanie VS British Tank Squadron (1650 points)

German Grenadierkompanie:
HQ: 2x Command Panzerfaust SMG teams (Panzershreck team)
3 Panzergrenadier squads (Command Panzerfaust SMG team)
3 Panzergrenadier squads (Command Panzerfaust SMG team)
2 Machine-gun Sections
2x 7.5cm PaK40
2x 7.5cm PaK40
3x 2cm FlaK38
5x Panzer IV H
Armoured Rocket Launcher Battery - 1 Launcher Section, 4 Panzerwerfers (5+ crew)
Ju 87D Stuka

British Tank Squadron:
HQ: 2 Churchill III
3 Churchill III
3 Sherman V + .50 call
3 Stuart V + AA MGs
2 M10C
3 Universal Carriers
3 Wasp Carriers
Rifle Platoon
4 OQF 25 pounders
Auster AOP

Our second game for the Italy campaign and like the first a disaster for the Germans. I swear I'm really trying to win but oh boy, a lot of mistakes were made...
The mission: Fighting withdrawal. The men for the job: a grenadierkompanie. I had selected a force which I thought would do good in a defensive scenario, and deployed accordingly. The panzerwerfers on a hill on the left flank (so they could target everything), together with the AA platoon and a platoon grenadiers.
A PaK40 platoon in the middle, and the rest on the right flank (all 3 groups covering an objective).

Turn 1 saw the Allies make a general advance, with the Shermans able to see and target my Panzerwerfers. Oops! I lost one and two got bailed out, both staying that way until they got destoyed later on. I also learned that an AOP can actually look into a forest and so help the artillery target them. Luckily I only lost 2 squads there. I started taking shots at the universal carriers and the Churchills but only managed to bail one UC. My Stuka took out both M10C's!

Turn 2 saw the Allies rapidly close-in on the left flank and I started to realize I had made a mistake in my deployment. The pressure was already high and I couldn't shift that easily, not with the Churchills in the
middle, gunning towards the right. I lose one more Panzerwerfer and my grenadiers there also got under fire. I once again take some shots at the Churchills and manage to bail one.

Turn 3 sees the pressure mount on the left flank and I lose my third Panzerwerfer. I fail platoon morale, let the CiC join for a re-roll but fail that too. Oops. I lose the platoon I could have pulled back in my turn 3. On the right flank however, the unimaginable happens. One Churchill stays bailed, and one gets bogged down while driving towards the grenadiers. In the assault, the Churchills drive into the forest and the CiC gets bogged. In defensive fire, I blow up a Churchill with my panzershreck! They kill one stand of grenadiers but have to take a platoon morale check. His CiC and 2iC have joined but even with the re-roll fail and of go 5 Churchills!

Now I lost my pannzerwerfers AND have to remove another platoon. I go for the PaK40s and deploy my other anti-tank platoon from ambush, to stem the tide at the left.

Turn 4 sees an assault on the left flank, where I manage to blow up two Shermans and beat back the rifle platoon, for the loss of my grenadiers. My Panzer IVs start their trek towards the left but have a long way to go.

Turn 5 sees my AA guns overrun, but the PaK40s stay in the fight. They prevent the Brits from taking the objective in turn 6, which I have to remove to stay in the game.

Turn 6 sees the Brits failing to destroy the PaK40s, and me removing the objective on the left flank. Every platoon now moves towards the objective in the middle.

Turn 7 sees the Brits destroying the PaK40 platoon, and with that, make the Germans roll for company morale, which I fail.

This could have gone in a total different direction if I had not deployed my panzerwerfers out in the open and the AA platoon not on the left but at the right flank. I lucked out regarding the Churchills but the rest was just poor performance on my part.