Commonwealth Rifle Company vs 90. Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 1 | patch
Axis: 6 | ScaryBiscuits

Patrick (Patch) and I (ScaryBiscuits) got a game in last night. The fight was over the Liri Valley. I fielded the 90. Panzergrenadier Division against Pat's New Zealanders.

The mission was Hasty Attack, with Patrick assaulting my Germans at dawn. The fight was tough. Patrick's infantry was on my panzergrenadiers before they knew what was going on. The resulting fire (36 shots!) was only barely enough to stop them (WITH FIVE HITS). My StuGs went into action as a fire brigade and became the my MVPs for the game. Though honorable mention should go to my small platoon of 7.5cm IG guns which destroyed Pat's Bofors and forced a company morale, which was failed.

Despite some really bad decisions to try and push Pat's troops back with motorcycle MGs, thinly-armored Marders, and costly infantry assaults, I managed to not lose any platoons, resulting in a 6-1 Axis victory.