Commonwealth Rifle Company (NZ) vs Grenadier Company

Allies: 5 | HarvestWinter
Axis: 2 | LordJefferson

As the Allies began to push their way up the Liri River Valley, the 2nd NZ Division met a company of German infantry, dug in around a village. The ground around the town was boggy, and the Allied commanders decided that the best way to take the town would be to advance under cover of darkness with their own infantry, the 28th Maori Battalion, and eliminate the enemy in close assault.

We decided to play a 1500 point game, with Confident Vet New Zealand infantry facing off against CV German infantry. The mission rolled was No Retreat, with the Germans defending.
The New Zealanders had two Maori Rifle Platoons, some mortars, some 6 pdr guns, a late Armoured platoon, a Divisional Cavalry platoon and an eight gun 25 pdr artillery battery. They also had limited air support from Spitfires ready for when the sun came up. Ready for a night attack, the infantry deployed at the front of their deployment zone, with their indirect fire support lined up along the back of the table.
The Germans had two grenadier platoons, a pioneer platoon, some mortars, a pair of PaK40s, a panzer platoon, three nebelwerfers and scout platoon. They started the game with one grenadier platoon and the pioneers in the town, the nebelwerfers at the back of the table, and the PaKs in Ambush.

Turn 1: The New Zealand infantry make their push forward, driving into the enemy lines. The Shermans (a 75mm, a 105mm and a Firefly) spot the grenadiers in the dark, but fail to hit them. The fire from the advancing infantry and Staghounds is just as ineffective, and the rest of the army fails to see any Germans.
The German turn was barely more eventful. The Panzer IVs arrive, driving on but much too far from the front to do anything. The PaKs dropped their ambush, killing the 75mm Sherman and bailing the Firefly. The grenadiers opened fire on the advancing infantry, and killed two stands, the rest of the platoon being pinned by a rocket barrage.

Turn 2: The Maori platoon unpins thanks to the company commander, and advances within assault range of the grenadiers in the town. The Firefly remains bailed, and is abandoned by the 105, which moves into the town to escape the PaKs and fire on the grenadiers. The Staghounds advanced to more easily spot the pioneers. The darkness still limits the effectiveness of the shooting, and the Germans lose no stands, though they are pinned by incoming artillery. The Maoris launch their assault, but are driven back by defensive fire, loosing 4 infantry stands from one platoon, and two from the other.
The Germans all unpin in their own turn, the Panzer IVs advance, the rest of the army attempts to finish off the Maori infantry. However, the combined fire of the Germans couldn't hurt the remaining Kiwis.

Turn 3: The Maoris again rally, again pressing forward for an assault. The Staghounds rush forward to flank the Panzers, though one bogs down on the way. The Staghounds succeed in destroying one panzer, and the 6 pounders manage to bail another. The artillery fails to range in, thanks to the dark. The Maoris launch their assault, this time making it through the defensive fire. The weaker platoon struck first, being wiped out in assault, the 2iC detaching and proceeding to kill a good portion of the remaining Germans. The second platoon then attacked, succeeding in driving the Grenadiers out of the town, the Maoris consolidating into the buildings and onto the objective.
The Germans received two platoons from reserve, the grenadiers and the mortars. The grenadiers began to rush forward to support the the other grenadier platoon, and the mortars attempted to dig out the Maoris in the buildings, a task they, and most the rest of the German army, failed at miserably. The scouts began to advance on the objective. The pioneers began to move forward to attack the withdrawing Staghounds, which were also to be attacked by the remaining Panzer IVs. One Staghound was destroyed by the Panzers.

Turn 4: The remaining active Staghound pulled back, trying to evade the Panzer IVs. The Kiwi artillery and mortars finally began to range in, pinning the grenadiers, the PaKs and the nebelwerfers, inflicting a few infantry casualties. The 6 pdrs bailed a panzer, the darkness still impairing everyone's shooting.
The Germans advanced on the town, with the pioneers going after the Staghounds. The panzers pulled back away from the 6 pdrs. Their shooting remained ineffective, and the Kiwis took minimal damage all round.

Turn 5: Dawn broke, and the New Zealanders made the most of it. Suddenly their tanks could move without fear of bailing, and their artillery became devastating. The Firefly finally bailed back in, and the Staghound unbogged. The vehicles all pushed into the town, in an attempt to push the Germans out of the town. The Firefly killed one of the Panzer IVs The grenadiers that had already arrived were hit by a combination of MG, artillery and rifle fire that managed to kill all but the platoon leader and the company commander. The Spitfire came in, and blew away a PaK and most of a Grenadier platoon, which failed morale.
The Germans had little left that were much of a threat to the Kiwis. The panzer bailed the 105mm Sherman, and the remaining infantry near the town fired at the Maoris in the buildings, killing one or two stands. The pioneers attempted to assault the Staghounds, but were driven back by the combined fire from the armoured cars and tanks. The Germans ended their turn with no teams near enough the objective to contest it. The

Turn 6: The New Zealanders start on the objective uncontested, gaining a 5-2 victory.