Dismounted Cav vs 26th Panzer

Allies: 3 | WEBZE
Axis: 4 | HerrCox

Tonight the mighty German 26th Panzer attempted to claim the valley from the US Dismounted Cavalry. The 26th Panzer was entirely mounted for this mission, 10 Panzer 4's, 3 Panzer 4/70's, 2 8-Rads, 2 Flakpanzer 38t's, 3 Nebelwerfers with transports and of course the 2 dreaded flammpanzers. Against them stood 3 short platoons of dismounted cavalry, stuarts, Shermans (2 76mm 3 M4A3's) 4 105mm howitzers and some t-30's. The mortars formed their own small platoon with the 2IC. The objectives were split across the valley, with a cav platoon on either objective, the howitzers in the rear field and the shermans in ambush.

The panzers charged down their right flank, the shermans popped from ambush, but only managed to bail 2 an destroy one tank, the return fire from the panzer force slowly whittled the sherman's down, before turning to the infantry, slowly whittling them down until the assault on the objective could occur, shrugging off incoming fire, until eventually driving the americans from the valley