Darby's Rangers vs HG Aufklarungschwadron

Allies: 1 | alliedguest44
Axis: 6 | charwood

This game was spookily like the movie (Darby's Rangers), with the Rangers being Surrounded by the Aufk. The game started well for the Aufk, when the Stuhs chewed up the 155 platoon on turn 1. The US air force turned up in strength on turn 1 with many targets under the template, but the bombs all fell wide of the mark. It was all about active defence after that. The brave Rangers tried to push out and put some pressure on the Aufk, but were always met by a hail of MG fire ("did that haystack fire at me ?"), which pushed them back. Eventually, the jaws of the Axis vise closed on the objective, with the Rangers about to be broken.