Parachute Rifle Company from the 504th vs Panzer Company from the HG Panzer Regiment

Allies: 1 | 504
Axis: 6 | Zenk

Fearless Veterans from the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (504) trying to Hold the Line against fast advancing Panzers from the Hermann Goring Panzer Regiment (Zenk).

Turn #1 saw a swift attack on both flanks with German half-tracks and Panzer III Ns moving on the right while Panzer IV Hs, Brummbars and an Armoured Car Recon platoon advancing on the left.

German Recon negated any ambush on the left flank so the Americans popped their ambush on the right hoping to destroy the mass of armor heading towards their rear. Along with Naval Bombardment from a Light Cruiser stationed offshore, the attacks caused many German troops and vehicles to be destroyed. But no German platoons were ready to leave the battlefield just yet..

Turn #2 the Germans pressed on to the rear with their armored Infantry and returned fire from their Panzer IIIs onto the Shermans killing one. On the left, the German recon spotted the dug in Paras and removed their gone to ground making it easier for the Panzer IVs, Brummbars and Rocket Artillery to pin them down. Once pinned the Panzer IVs assaulted the infantry killing a few teams but in the process losing one tank as well. The Americans lost their nerve and fell back just behind the objective.

The Shermans did some more damage to the Panzer IIIs but not enough to cause a morale check. The AOP for the Naval guns was unable to range in on the Panzer IV assault on the left. Not a good sign for the Americans.

Turn #3 saw the final push on the left flank. An American Company commander, trying to rally the troops, was killed by enemy rockets and this demoralized the Fearless paras as they were not able to sustain the German assault and broke morale, leaving the left objective open for capture.

Trying desperately to break any of the German platoons, the Americans attacked with everything they had left but to no avail. The Germans kept calm and carried on, capturing the left objective at the beginning of Turn #4! Final score. Axis 6, Allies 1.