91st Cavalry Recon vs Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653

Allies: 2 | WEBZE
Axis: 5 | Ben


Hello All

My first WWPD Italy campaign AAR, I was facing Paul W's Dismounted Cav. I turned up at his place and was first taken aback by how lovely the board was! Paul as always out doing himself with the terrain.

Paul was using Dismounted Cav, a personal favorite list as you can swap your platoons around when you know what your facing, a massive advantage. Paul unsurprisingly turned 3 guys from each platoon into Bazookas! We rolled up Breakthrough so I was the attacker and we got going.

See the click for the action report.

So 5-2 to me.

That was a close game, far closer than the scoreline would make you think! The turn my Panzer platoon lost two tanks in assault could have turned it in Paul's favour, if the infantry could have destroyed the last Panzer IV and the Shermans could have hit the Elefant in the flank I could have been spent and would have had almost no chance of taking the objectives.

Paul also failed a load of morale tests and no matter how many times his artillery got time on target over the course of the game they couldn't cause any damage to my Elefants bar a bail!

My choice to put the Panzer's on the board was the right move, they really did all the real work until the end when the Elefants were able to clear up what was left. But good game as always with Paul and I'm sure he'll want revenge at some point soon!