New Zealand vs Fallschirmjägerkompanie

Allies: 4 | Hopej008
Axis: 3 | Tigertom88

Heroic New Zealand infantry company attacking German Fallschirmjägerkompanie troops trying to Hold the Line at night. Spearhead move by the two British infantry platoons and a carrier recon platoon helps give them a head start in surprising the Germans. Skipping the tea and heading out early may conceal the vulnerable infantry as they move out in the open on the left flank towards the closest objective. The second platoon heads up the center using a rubble strewn street as cover towards an objective in the middle. 3 shermans and the carriers would charge the wide open right flank.

Germans have a reinforced platoon of dug in Fallschirmjäger infantry on the left objective with supporting rockets. Three Hornisse are held in ambush.

British infantry would continue to move forward to get within assault range before dawn. Four 6 pounders and 4 heavy MG's give them cover as they move up the left flank. 25 pounders are unable to see much in the dark. Shermans and Hornisse spend 2 turns shooting in the dark before the shermans come out on top, but lose 1 tank.

German reserves waste no time entering the fray. More infantry arrive to support an objective in the center. 88's show up in time to finish off the shermans. Starting on turn three, both british infantry platoons move to assault. Heavy fire has reduced the germans holding the objective on the left and it falls to the assaults. Unfortunately dawn seems to come earlier than expected and the british are caught in the open. The German infantry and artillery take advantage of this and with heavy fire and an assault, one british infantry platoon is destroyed and most of the second.

The next two turns, the German last german infantry platoon comes under heavy fire from everything the british have on the table and it is soon eliminated with the company commander. The British would hold the objective on the left flank, but suffered the loss of two platoons. Time for some tea to celebrate.