Commonwealth Infantry vs German Grenadiers

Allies: 5 | polluxx66
Axis: 2 | FearNaughtSJ

Canadian Infantry Pushed in to the outskirts of Rome against Dug In German grenadiers in hold the line first thing in the morning.

With 88's defending the right Flank the entire Canadian Army overwhelmed German platoons one by one. When Daylight broke Canadians were nearly on their objective. desperate German reinforcements raced to the front only to be merciless gunned down by a Canadian firing line in there freshly taken town.

Stars of the show were Six pdrs keeping the pioneers on the objective pinned down and unable to assist the grenadier platoon.

Disappointments included allied kitty hawk buzzing the town but not actually hitting anything as well German artillery failing to range in every Canadian Sherman and M10;s in what could have been a glorious game changing bombardment