First Special Service Force vs Fortified Company

Allies: 2 | monasier
Axis: 5 | Derpanzer

After securing Campoleone, FSSF battlegroup moved north to seize the Alban Hills and the key highway. However, German fortifications stood in their way...

1500 Pts, Hold The line

FSSF: HQ with Bazookas, 2 full platoons upgraded to Pioneers, 1 full platoon, Parachute Artillery Battery, Cavalry Recon Patrol, Tank Platoon with 4 Shermans, AOP.
44th Division: HQ, 3 Fortified Points, Communication Trenches, 2 88s, 4 Panzer IV, Pioneer Platoon, 3 Nebelwerfers.
German Objective was placed on the hilltop, strongly defended by two strongpoints and additional HMG pillboxes. Allied objective was on the far left flank, in front of another strongpoint and behind a string of barbed wire.
The Allied attack advanced strongly on the left flank, with Shermans removing one HMG nest. Artillery pinned the 88 battery, and mortars laid down smoke on the Grenadiers. German return fire was ineffective, with Shermans managing to shake off 88 hits. However, things soon turned sour for the Allies. Despite destroying the 88 platoon, Shermans and Recon were unable to affect the HMG nest or the PaK38 nest protecting the objective. Then, Panzer IVs turned up, wiping out the Shermans, as the withering fire from Reichgrenadiers and the HMG nests eliminated two Force platoons. With losses piling up, General Fredericks recalled his troops to attempt a breakthrough at a different point...