92nd Infantry vs Gebirgsjäger Company

Allies: 6 | wwpdduncan
Axis: 1 | Ianls

A 92nd Infantry Co. supported by a platoon of Shermans, TTD's & a battery of 155mm artillery caught up with a Gebirgsjäger company trying to hold up the advance on Campoleone (mission was Cauldron).

The Germans started with a platoon of infantry & pioneers holding a perimeter position. bolstered with attached HMG's & supported by a pair of 88's with PaK38's in ambush. Reserves consisted of a platoon of 2x Tiger1's, another Gebirgsjäger infantry platoon, some infantry guns & negs - although only the Tigers made it on before it was all over).

US deployment was lucky with artillery & the I&R platoon (which had dismounted all the HMG/LMGs from their jeeps) holding one flank, with a full platoon of Shermans & infantry (with attached HMG's & bazooka) on the other. Reserves consisted of another rifle platoon, 81mm mortars, 37mm AT guns and the all important TTD's

Turn 1 saw little action from the Germans other than the PaK38's in immediate ambush trying to snipe a couple of Shermans desperately trying to keep out of line of sight of the 88s. The ambush failed to score any hits & return fire from the 155's saw both the Pak's & infantry pinned whilst the Shermans destroyed the 88's.

The next 2 turns saw shooting & a quick assault by the Shermans & combined fire from both the 155s & infantry platoon (which had advanced through the tree lined hill on the right flank) kill off the PaKs & reduce the 1st Gebirgsjäger platoon to a shadow of its initial fighting strength.

The TTD's Security Section showed up on on turn 2 & took up positions in a copse on the left flank parallel to the German reserve entry point waiting for the Tigers, which eventually turned up at the start of turn 4. The lumbering beasts fire was ineffective against the Shermans & after the TTD's popped, 1 Tiger was brewed up.

Knowing the battle was almost lost, the Gebirgsjäger began to move the Pioneer platoon across to the right objective but fire from the TTD's M5 halftracks, the I&R platoon & the HMG's of 1st infantry platoon reduced them to an ineffective fighting force.

By the end of turn 4, the US were firmly in possession of the right hand objective & with no hope of the brave Gebirgsjäger being able to keep the game alive, their commander decided to withdraw from the field with hopes of stalling the US advance to Rome from elsewhere.

It was a great game with a couple of tense moments - if the 88's had survived the turn 1 onslaught things would have been very different! Ian was unlucky with his dice at times, whereas I was fortunate to have all reserves on the board by turn 4 which meant the Green Machine could steamroller over the limited defenders.

On to Rome!