3rd Infantry vs Schwere Panzer Company

Allies: 5 | Magnus
Axis: 2 | Zenk

The Mission was Cauldron. Germans deployed randomly with Panzer IVs and Scout cars on one flank, one tiger tank and CO on the other with another Tiger and infantry in reserve.

Americans deployed two large infantry platoons, one on each objective. 57mm AT guns in ambush and Shermans and 2 M-10s in delayed reserves.

Immediate ambush opened up on the Panzer IVs missing all around. NGFS hit and killed one.

Panzer IVs moved up and screened by a village moved into assault position. On the other flank Tigers moved forward screened by hills from the NGFS observer. The Mark IVs assaulted with 3 tanks and scored one hit. In a counter attack the Americans disabled two of them, and moral shaken the remaining tank broke off. 57mm AT guns finally hit and destroyed the scout cars.

But on the other flank the two tigers, bolstered by infantry were in assault position. Rushing through the woods the Tigers pushed the infantry out but in the next turn suffered an NGFS strikie disabling two. The third tiger arriving from reserves destroyed the Shermans but with with infantry shot up the final Tiger assault was resplused.