Rifle Company Nisei vs 1st Fallschirmjaeger Div

Allies: 1 | WEBZE
Axis: 6 | WinnerDave

I got together for a game with Paul, in his awesome man cave. We rolled Counter Attack (which I haven't played in ages)

Paul decided to place in reserves his 4 Sherman 76s and a Nisei platoon.

From the get go I was moving forward, through a tree studded hill, whilst HMGs, Pak40s, Mortars, Nebs were trying to pin everything in sight. I also ran a Sniper for the first time and it did great job of worring Paul's artillery park.

On turn 2 the assaults started to happen and I slowly whittled down the single spread out Nisei platoon. With the help of all the incoming fire and assaults I made it to the objective nearest to me, leaving the far flung objective alone.

If Paul had kept the Shermans and other Nisei platoon on the table and instead have put his recon jeeps into reserve it would have been a different story for me.

Sorry I forgot all semblance of taking photos and doing a proper AAR.