First Special Service Force vs Heavy Tank Hunter Company

Allies: 6 | monasier
Axis: 1 | shanejknight

After breakout from Anzio, a battlegroup consisting of First Special Service Force 1st Regiment and a battalion of 1st Armored Division tanks moved to take the city of Campoleone. 3rd Company was left on the outskirts of the city to wait for the 105s of the Parachute Artillery to catch up, and a recon troop was provided as a liaison to the 1st Armored. The German counterattack pinned tanks down, and at 1300 hours Black Devils heard the sound of engines approaching their positions...

Mission: Surrounded, 1200 points

Allied Force: FSSF Company, with 3 fully upgraded Pioneer platoons, Parachute Artillery with 4 105s and an AOP, and a cavalry recon patrol.
Axis Force: Heavy Tank Hunter Company, with 3 Elephants, 2 8-rads and a Grenadier platoon, upgraded with panzerfausts.

Forcemen deployed two platoons protecting each objective, with one platoon providing an obstacle on approaches from the eastern edge. 105s protected the northern objective on the valley road. Mortar platoon was dropped off to cover both ends. Recon patrol was hiding behind wheat fields on the northern edge, desperately trying to contact the mother unit.
Germans placed company commander, one Elephant and a grenadier platoon on eastern approach, and one Elephant with 2 8-rads on the western.
German commander advanced on both fronts, taking shots at the Forcemen, but doing almost no damage. Parachute artillery pounded Grenadiers and caused some losses, but the presence of their commander kept them going. Cavalry recon started a long traverse towards the western edge of the board. After three turns, FSSF lost only a few infantry teams, and 8-rads were wiped out when Cavalry approached them from the flank and unleashed a salvo of .50 cal fire, follwed up by a powerful mortar hit.
Elephants decided to assault from the eastern edge, but the counterattack of the Forcemen devastated them, killing one and capturing the Company Commander. Forcemen immediatly reoriented and charged the single remaining Elephant. Smoke cover from the mortar prevented the hull MG from doing any damage, and the elephant was destroyed by a bazooka shot into the engine. Weakened by persistent artillery, Grenadiers decided that it would be impossible to complete the mission, and retreated in good order, leaving the Allied troops in possession of the vital road link.