Commonwealth Armour vs HG Panzergrenadiers

Allies: 2 | wwpdambler
Axis: 5 | hammer13

The Axis need to get back to a better place in order to counter attack. The advancing allies must be slowed down. Can the Herman Goring Panzergrenadiers keep the tanks at bay while the rest of their force makes an orderly witdrawal?

Found out in the next instalment of Panzergrens v. RTR Armour!


Eight platoons and Stuka support!

HQ: 2 x SMG Panzerknackers, 3 x Panzerschrecks (2 go to one infantry platoon, 1 to the other).

2 x Panzergrenadier infantry (Command SMG Panzerknackers)

1 x PAK40 (x3)

1 x StugG (x3) – I left my Stugs behind so used my PanzerIIIM’s as a stand in this game).

1 x Recon (8-Rad x2) (substituted 232/233 for these as the models are on order)

2 x 20mm mobile AA (x2 trucks)

1 x 15cm Nebelwerfer artillery.

Sporadic StukaD support.


Allied force 1500 points (6 platoons): HQ (3 shermans), 2 x 3 sherman platoons, 1 x 3 Stuart Recon tanks, Rifle platoon, 1 x 4 M10 Tank destroyers, Limited air (Kittyhawks). Several tanks /TDs with .50 cal MGs.

See the URL for a link to the full AAR....