Armoured Rifles vs HG Aufklarungshwadron

Allies: 1 | sw66
Axis: 6 | charwood

In the spirit of the campaign, the table was set up to be very hilly. This had an impact on how the game progressed. My HG Aufk were attacking Steve's Armoured Rifles in Hasty Attack. Steve had 7 platoons - so 3 platoons on meant I could go all out to break him before reserves arrived. The hills allowed the Aufk to use their recce move to great effect. On turn 1 - the Aufk pushed forward through a wood and were close to the objective. A failed tank terror test (who put that security section there!) gave the Armoured Rifles some respite. The TDs decloaked ASAP and bailed some assault guns ... which all got back in. The return fire tried to whittle the TDs down - but the Aufk failed FOUR 2+ FP tests to give the Armoured Rifles another chance. However, the TDs did not remount which was fatal. Assaults on turns 2 and 3 meant that the TDs ran away with the 1ic and the main defending platoon was getting a lot smaller. The most crucial dice roll in the game came next - would the US reserves arrive on turn 3 - NO. On turn 4, a combination of breakthrough guns and asssualting infantry cleared the objective and the US company was broken.