B Co 1/7th Inf 3ID Rifle Company vs 2.Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 1 | GeneralNick
Axis: 6 | ColJohan


We wanted to try a deliberate defense type of battle and set up a table to show that. Playing the Germans I was the defender and play a roster that allowed me to buy fortifications. Nick played the American Rifle Company and allowed me to trade out a few things in the fortifications; like swapping a minefield for a tank trap and replacing the mg nests with trenches. He was more than happy not to have more machine gun fire on him as he tried to assault my positions.
We set the board up to show jills on one side and a river crossing the center. My side had the obstacles and I placed an objective in the pass between hills. He placed an objective in front of a hill on the far side of the board (my right, his left). When it came to deplyment I had a mortar plt in the monastery on the hill behind his objective with a Panzergrenadier Plt in front of it. Both objectives had my trrops guarding them and he was going to have to fight hard and smart to get to them.