British Armored Squadron vs Panzergrenaidier

Allies: 6 | brimcamethenleft
Axis: 1 | madson

New Zealand Rifle Company w/ 2 Rifle Platoons, American Platoon Shermans , Artillery, and some reeces prices reece squadron, as well as some luck.

German Grenaidier Company w/ 3 platoons of infantry, anti tank guns and some Stugs

Using the Cassino book New Zealand Forces attempted a breakthrough attempt at the German lines. A very swift and rapid Advance up the right flank meant that His majesty's Troops advanced advanced, taking nearly no casualties, up to the Enemy Positions, assaulting and taking them within minutes. Meanwhile American Armor and Infantry attempted to take a small Hamlet to the West. The attack meant heavy casualties (do to some cough* Anti-tank guns cough*) but not one platoon lost! Another day won!