Nisei Rifle vs HG Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 4 | 1stLtRegaz
Axis: 3 | Nicolas

Nisei Rifle, 2000pts, FT

HQ: 2 cmd Carbine, 2 Bazooka
Nisei Rifle: 1 cmd Rifle, 1 Bazooka, 9 Rifle
Nisei Rifle: 1 cmd Rifle, 1 Bazooka, 9 Rifle
Nisei Mortar: 1 cmd Carbine, 4 81mm Mortar, 1 Bazooka
Nisei Ammunition & Pioneer: 1 cmd Rifle, 6 Rifle, 2 Bazooka
Nisei Anti-tank: 1 cmd Carbine, 3 57mm (late), 2 Bazooka
Nisei Intelligence & Recon: 4 .50cal Recon Jeep
Nisei Cannon: 1 cmd Carbine, 1 obs Rifle, 6 M3 105mm
Light Tank: 5 M5A1 Stuart (CV)
Tank Destroyer: 4 M10 3in GMC (late) (CV)
Nisei Field Artillery Battery: 1 cmd Carbine, 1 Staff, 1 obs Rifle, 4 M2A1 105mm

Hermann Göring Panzergrenadierkompanie, 2000pts, CV

HQ: 1 cmd PzF SMG; 1 cmd PzK SMG, 3 PzS
HG Panzergrenadier: 1 cmd PzF SMG, 6 MG
HG Panzergrenadier: 1 cmd PzF SMG, 6 MG
HG Panzergrenadier Heavy: 1 cmd SMG, 2 MG42 HMG, 2 8cm GW34, 1 obs Rifle
HG Panzergrenadier Anti-Tank: 1 cmd SMG, 3 PaK40
HG Assault Gun: 4 StuH42
HG Assault Gun: 4 StuG G
HG Light Panzerspäh: 1 Sd Kfz 223, 2 Sd Kfz 222
Rocket Launcher: 1 cmd SMG, 2 obs Rifle, 4 15cm NW41
HG Heavy Anti-Aircraft: 1 cmd SMG, 1 8.8cm FlaK36 (RoF 3)

The battlefield:
A plain valley with a river in the middle, some woods and fields are evenly distributed across the terrain.
Two main roads drive parallel to the river and two secondary roads crossing it. On the left side a bombed village, on the other side an intact one.

Mission rolled: Counterattack

Nicolas choose to defend from the top left corner and I choose to attack from the bottom left.
He decided to left the StuG and the Recon platoon in reserve and the 88 in ambush. The PaKs, the HMG and the Panzerschrecks were evenly combat attached to the panzer grenadier platoons.
I put all but the artillery platoons ready to sprint towards the right side of the battlefield in order to cut the reserves arrival and to press on the right objective. A Nisei rifle platoon kept pressure on the left objective.

German small arms fire forced the left Nisei Platoon to stop and dug in.
The StuH pressed forward but were caught by side shots from the Stuarts and artillery barrages forcing a morale check which was failed.
Nebelwerfer fire cause a platoon moral check on the right Nisei Platoon which was passed.
8.8 shoot from the ambush on the Stuarts killing one before being destroyed by the return fire.
Intelligence and recon destroyed the heavy platoon before falling to the grenadier platoon fire.
Panzerspäh arrived from reserves and welcomed by combined action of AT guns and pioneers.
Remaining Stuarts were destroyed by PaKs fire.
StuGs arrived from reserves and exchanged fire with the tank destroyers for 3 turns. StuGs were finally destroyed by Pioneers. Wolverines were caught by nebelwerfers and forced to flee.
Finally Nicolas was forced to test his company but even the “Elite Troop” special rule didn’t help. 4-3 for the Allied!

German Losses:
HG Panzergrenadier Heavy Platoon
HG Assault Gun Platoon
HG Assault Gun Platoon
HG Light Panzerspäh Platoon
HG Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

US Losses:
Light Tank Platoon
Nisei Intelligence & Recon Platoon
Tank Destroyer Platoon