43 (RM) Commando + New Zealand Rifle Company vs Grenadierkompanie + Luftwaffenjägerkompanie

Allies: 3 | Stingray
Axis: 4 | vLuetzow

Points: 3500 (1750 per player)
Mission: Dust Up

Commandos with Air Support, 4 Commando Platoons, MMG, Mortars, 3 Shermans, 4 25pdr and Priority Air Support
New Zealand Rifle Company with 2 Combat Platoons, 3 Shermans, 8 25 pdrs, 4 6pdrs, Wasps, Universal Carriers

Luftwaffefelddivision with 2 Combat Platoons, Mortars, 4 Panthers, 2 88s, 3 Pak40, Medium Artillery, Panzerwerfer, FlaK, HMGs
Grenadierkompanie with 2 Combat Platoons, Pioniere, 4 StuG G, 4 Panzer IV, 3 Pak40, Mortars, Scouts and Sporadic Air Support

Played on a very large board, the large distances proved to be difficult for infantry units, since it took a very long time for them to get into position from reserves. The fact, that the Germans had more tanks and thus were more mobile, aswell as the fact, that they had very good anti-tank positions on their objective, preventing Allied tanks to advance to the mission objectives, in the end meant, that they were a lot better at concentrating forces at critical points of the battle. The 25pdrs, even though numerous, weren't able to effectively fight the tanks and so the Allied positions finally were overrun.