Armoured Rifles vs HG Aufklarungshwadron

Allies: 2 | ht66
Axis: 5 | charwood

The Armoured Rifles lost the dice off in Pincer, so they had to defend a fierce counterattack from the HG Aufklarungshwadron. This was going to be a tough mission for the defenders. The many breakthrough guns on the attackers side took a heavy toll. The only chance for the US side lay in the ambushing Shermans - when that fizzled out there was only one possible outcome. The game could have been prolonged, but when reserves failed to show up on turns 3 or 4 - the game was over. The Armoured Rifles had struggled as best they could, but the Aufk had prevailed. If the dice off at the start of the game had gone the other way then the game would have been very different indeed.