1st Armoured vs HG Aufklarungshwadron

Allies: 3 | FatalXS
Axis: 4 | charwood

In this game, the 1st Armoured Division were trying to Breakthrough against the HG Aufklarungshwadron. The extra mobility of the M4A3 Shermans and the flank attack looked like it might be decisive. On turn 1, the US shooting was lacklustre. In reply, the Aufk used an array of smoke and sniped the US 1iC - 1st blood. This had consequences later in the game, when the lack of protected ammo meant that several Shermans got mopped up in Assault, when they remained bailed out. This included some battle trophies for the HG Heavy Platoon commander. The 1st Armoured could not bring enough pressure on the Aufk and time ran out for a narrow win to the defenders.