78th Rifle Co vs HG Panzer Co

Allies: 4 | rdm591
Axis: 3 | Zarkdon

a 1750 point battle between 78th British rifle co, and Hermann Goring Panzer division
We tried to set up terrain as close as the recommended from the map, including hills, a river and some small town type area's
In an effort to learn as much about the scenarios, we decided instead of rolling up random missions, we will start at the front of the book and play every mission as they come along, then move on to the next mission in the book, so as it works out, this mission was Free For All
The British won the roll and was the attacker. since the British needed air support as soon as possible, they chose to not night attack. so digging the rifle platoons on both objectives, the recce units advanced to see what kind of trouble they could find.
Turn 1 with first player going to the German, the panzers do a double time move down one flank around the hill to threaten the British objective right from the start, the tanks in the town try to shoot at some british carriers, but they make there recce roll and scoot back out of line of sight, some long range pak 40 shots miss the staghounds.
In the bottom of the turn the tank squadron leaves the top of the hill to advance to the tree line to get some shots on advancing panzers, even with moving at the double, the British score 1 bail and 1 destroyed
Turn 2, the Panzers choose to not move and fire all they have at the British tanks, and bail 1 sherman and destroy the firefly, artillery tries to range in on the armored cars and fails, and long range pak 40's miss again.
so in typical free for all fashion, the armored cars push the german objective that has a scout platoon covering it from the buildings, and after some crazy firepower checks, destroy 2 teams in bullet proof cover and contest the objective
turn 3, the germans have to make an about face to bring fire on the objective that the armored cars took, and cause to destroy 1 and bail 1, and then range in with 10.5 cm battery and destroy another along with two universal carriers that came forward to help hold the objective. so the quick strike didnt work and the armored cars and recce patrol found themselves gone the next turn as 1 of the surviving scout teams ventured out of his cover to contest the objective
British then deploy the American allied tank destroyer platoon which gets side shots on Panzer III's and with all 8 shots they bail 1 and destroy 1
the wasp carriers tried to make a crazy charge at the pak 40's to give them a taste of hottness and it was then that I found my first typo in Road To Rome, as the arsenal for the British shows the wasp flame gun with a 16" range and even though it was right there in the book it just didnt seem right, so after a quick look up from Market Garden and we found a 4" range we decided that we would use that one....so no flame attack but lots of Pak 40's to the face the next turn,
This game ended with the British able to capture 1 objective with the M-10's driving off the last of the panzers and the artillery just getting blasted from the British Kittyhawk and just could not unpin when it needed too
the British lost much more in the way of platoons and had really only 1 chance to get an objective, while the German player had lost most of his punch when his panzers fled, so his chance was a company moral check and the British were just not giving up that last platoon to force one

p.s did like using Popsicle sticks to mark deployment and objective areas ..thank you Eric for that one