American Amor vs 90. Sardinein

Allies: 2 | mtanquero
Axis: 5 | Thebumpkinboy

The sounds of battle grew deafening as we approached the breach. Twice we had to divert from the road to get past artillery batteries and their gun carriages that were diverting to pummel the gap. I drove up in time to find myself on the wrong side of the breach. I was left with nothing to do but to observe through my binoculars a town where there was all the infantry platoons of this part the line dug in to repel the invaders, with the limited anti- tank teams positioned in a way that they could have a commanding view of the battle field in what was a classic couldron scenario. I watched as the American forces all gathered (by turn 2) to isolate the static infantry units. It was a perfect plan, any reinforcements were to be at the receiving end of an enfilade. To attest to this a brave unit of mobilized nebs was quickly ripped apart. A loud rumble from behind us proved to be our answer, three panthers and two 8 rads had just arrived ready to counter attack. But how would this attack not come to a quick end in the current state of encirclement? The answer quickly became clear as I saw a small gap in the enfilade ( in the form of a 6 inche gap from one extreme corner). I quickly jumped into the lead panther and willed them to make for it at great speed. The result of this attack was a unit of shermans completely gutted and running as withnthe 8 rads they began to unleash on the infantry that until now had failed to dig in. Of five hits my opponent got five 2s in what was only a small sample of his really bad rolling.
Demoralized my opponent began to withdraw units to end the game but not without some more losses.

Our withdrawal then continued with me falling asleep on the floor of the staff car, exhausted.