American Armored vs 90. Sardinein

Allies: 1 | mtanquero
Axis: 6 | Thebumpkinboy

Feeling confident in the withdrawal from the forces around Anzio, my kampstaffel and I took what would be an otherwise scenic route in search of significant portions of the 90. Sardinein which at this point had failed to turn up and with which communication had proved unsuccesful. Our attentions were turned to the sound of mass armor movements permeating the landscape, fully aware of our current lack of ability to field these amounts of armor our search began to take on a more feverish state. Luckily we met up with a rather tired looking officer and his staff next to a charred wreck of a communications truck. I was assesed of the situation and we quickly began to set up the defenses, at current strength we would have to hold off until support (which was now able to be called in) could launch a counter strike. Noting the precarious situation a group of panthers would be sent out to support us.
The Ami officer had bloodlust in his eyes which led to some decisions that cost too much, he also failed to do enough damage nor set up before the panthers came in ripping through his armor.
The ARPs did not push when they should have and I was able to handle the army piece meal.
This attack was just losing its momentum as my staff car was rushing down the line to where a breach had been acheived on our lines.
I left orders for the panthers to wrap up and follow me, hoping direct influence would help hold the line until our armor arrived.
He also continues his streak of abysmal rolling, truly there were many situations where a firepower test or ranging in would have made all the difference