1st Armored div. 'Old Ironsides' vs 90. 'Sardinien' Panzergranadier div.

Allies: 5 | Avramson
Axis: 2 | lezilebowski

1st Armored div. 'Old Ironsides'
HQ section with 2 Shermans and M32 recovery vehicle, 1st tank platoon with two 76mm Shermans and Sherman, 2nd tank platoon with two Shermans and 76mm Sherman, 3rd tank platoon with two Shermans and 76mm Sherman, Light tank platoon of 4 Stuarts, Intelligence & Recon platoon, Armored Mortar platoon, Rifle platoon. (7 platoons, 1780 pts)

90. 'Sardinien' Panzergranadier div.
Company HQ, 1st Panzergrenadier MG Platoon, 2nd Panzergrenadier MG Platoon, Panzergrenadier 12cm Mortar Platoon, Panzergrenadier PaK40 Anti-tank Gun Platoon, Gebirgsjager platoon, Motorised Heavy Artillery Battery 15cm sFH18, Anti-tank 8.8cm Pak43 Gun Platoon, Luftwaffe 8.8cm FlaK36 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon. (8 platoons, 1780 pts)

After debacle at Lilly river, americans called for some heavy stuff. 'Old Ironsides' were available after Anzio landing and eager to fight back. 'Sardinien' division was exhausted after heavy fights but was well equipped with anti tank and defensive guns, reinforced with one Gebirgsjager regiment.

American commander was very aggressive from the start making a recce move all along the road. Germans had half of their platoons on the table of which one in the ambush and other half in reserve.
After the first move, recce platoon managed to cross road and railroad junction and was at the objective. Rest of the platoons followed, while mortars gave smoke cover blinding the dangerous PaK40. This was a grave moment for the germans who had no units near objective and were unable to counterattack. By pure luck, 1iC and 2iC made their HQ in houses nearby, and made a desperate attack to deny US conquest of the objective.

On the second turn first platoon of Shermans came to the objective and assaulted german 1iC and 2iC teams. After a quick fight objective was again in allies hands.

Meanwhile infantry was running across the fields, while other Sherman tank platoons pushed through center giving cover fire. Faraway, on the right wing, Stuarts flanked PaK40 and destroyed them.

Germans tried to chase tanks away shooting from the ambush, with heavy PaK43 guns, but US tanks stood fast. In the shooting, brave recce platoon was hit hard and later destroyed with 15cm shells, in an artillery bombardment.

By the late morning (3rd round of the game), Cisterna was in american hands, wide opening the road to Rome. It was a quick 5:2 american victory.