21st Army Tank Brigade vs Herman Goring PanzerGrenadiers

Allies: 1 | Captainecho
Axis: 6 | MrRussian123

Elements of the Herman Goring Panzer Division (A Full Company of Grenadiers) held off a ferocious attack by An assault force of the 21st Tank Brigade. The Germans were attempting a fighting withdrawal and the British were trying to sieze the surrounding town before they could be stopped. A long range fire battle ensued, but the Churchills were unable to bounce the shots of the StuGs. On the Right Flank, Churchills attempted to get close enough to flame the dug in infantry, but were shot in the side by the Tiger Ace before they could get close enough. With flaming tanks all around them, the 2nd New Zealand support ran for their lives from the town...

6-1 for the Germans

HQ -SMG w Panzerfausts
1. Full Grenadiers w Panzershreks
2. Full Grenadiers w Panzershreks
3. Full Grenadiers w Panzershreks
4. 4 StuG IV Assault Guns
5. 1 Tiger 1E
6. 8Rads
7. 2 Pak40's

The Brits

HQ 2 Churchill III or IV
1. Churchills w a sherman
2. Churchills w a sherman
3. Kiwis w sticky bombs
4. Kiwis w sticky bombs
5. Crocs
Sporadic Air

1500 pts a side