A Co 1/7th Inf Reg 3ID vs 1.Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 1 | GeneralNick
Axis: 6 | ColJohan


This battle was between 1.Panzergrenadierkompanie 9.Panzergrenaider Regiment 26.Panzerdivision vs A Co 1/7th Inf Reg 3ID. While Nick is a fairly new general his army slightly outnumbered me and he had a Preliminary Bombardment to boot. He had suggested doing a deliberate defense type of battle with lots of trenches and obstacles but I thought that would be hard on him so decided to tilt the odds in his favor. The game started out interesting enough with his NGF and arty both firing on my Panthers and a nearby PG plt. He opted for the wider template instead of the re-rolls on misses and he managed to do some damage. His second turn he repeated but with his Air Support to boot. He almost got rid of the toughest plt on the board. As the game went on he saw his impending doom and surrendered after turn 3. I was disappointed as I saw possible ways he could pull out a draw, but it was his choice.