North Irish Horse vs Grenadierkompanie

Allies: 5 | happymcrobert
Axis: 2 | Paulie771

Mission: Encounter. Points: 1650. The two forces that squared off at Grand Adventures in Murfreesboro, TN were a Churchill squadron of the North Irish Horse and a Confident/Trained Grenadierkompanie built of the 715.Grenadierdivision list in Fortress Italy. The Axis of Attack was the Liri River Valley and our mission was Encounter. Apparently the previous push had caused the Germans to see a need to move reinforcements into the area to stop the North Irish Horse and their support from pushing all the way through.

I would love to say this fight was a nail biter and to an extent it was, but the German player was hounded by a few bad dice rolls that really hurt him for the entire game and made things much easier for me, the British player. The one part that was tense was the German player having Reserve Panthers, which I had very little that could realistically hurt them. So there was a bit of a race to see if I could break the Germans before the Panthers were able to come onto the board.

Very quickly things started going wrong when the Pioneers could not dig in, even with the presence of their supply truck. Over several turns they failed to dig in and the truck got destroyed, which led to the German left flank crumbling under sustained pressure from the Churchills. I received all my reserves exactly where I needed them which allowed me to mass on the German left, while the only thing that really went right for the German player was receiving two platoons of reserves at the same time along the back edge. This let him contest the objective on his left and prolong the game in hopes of getting the Panthers.

Unfortunately, moving onto the table they were at the mercy of the Churchill's MG fire and were shot and assaulted off the objective. When it got to the start of the turn where the German Panthers were the only reserve left and would have to come on, he was at a company check with no 1iC or 2iC. The Germans fled the battlefield, surrendering their position and falling further back along the Liri Valley, giving me a 5-2 victory as I had lost my UC patrol early on to some PaK40 fire.

My opponent was great and it was a fun time. As much as I hate to put games to dice, he was really unlucky with the dig in rolls and a key morale check that led to his 1iC breaking with a platoon he had joined. Never getting dug in just let me use my MG fire to the fullest and I was able to move and maintain full fire with them and not have to rely on the 6pdrs to try to dig him out. If the pioneers had dug in, it would have been a different game as I would most likely have had to stop and try blasting away, slowing my advance and giving more time for reserve rolls. As it was, there was only the race to break them before the Panthers arrived.

A more detailed report and pictures are linked above.