British 8th vs Panzer

Allies: 5 | Ivengar
Axis: 2 | shanejknight

In our next fight we have 900 point forces with FA9 and AT13 set as the ceiling with only 1 combat platoon mandatory.

I was running Brit Rifle, and he was running Ger Panzers.

The mission was cauldron and since I had a breaching group he was forced to defend.

My list was:

1 Rifle platoon with Sherman APC and .50 cal
1 Full breaching group.
1 UC patrol with 3 .50 cal
1 WASP patrol
250 point NGFS

He had:

HQ 2 Panz

1 panzer iv platoon (3 panzers
1 gerpatnz panzer grens
1 panzer scout platoon
1 anti air platoon I armoured 2cm

He placed the AA and panzer 4s on the table with the Panzers in immediate ambush.

I had to place the breaching group and went with the UC’s to try and limit where the ambush could pop. I also went with the ground OP as there was a church steeple that gave me a good view point of the objective area so I would not have to risk the AOP to AA. I rolled for my breaching group and placed them on the 4 section and I got lucky and rolled a 5 for my UC’s for random deployment and also placed them in the 4 section to prevent the ambushing panzer 4’s from getting a strong position against my breach.

Turn 1a
Knowing he was in a tough spot the German commander went very aggressive pushing right forward toward my breaching group and ignoring my GTG recce Ucs. All 5 of his tanks attempted to move forward toward my breaching group but one of them got caught up and busted a track on the hard rocky Italian mountain side bogging down. The remaining 4 took shots at my breaching group but needing 6’s due to GTG and concealed in crops were only able to hit one but what was hit ended up a fiery mess.

He then tried to move his AA out of the woods edge and one of the 3 blew a tire and bogged down. The remaining 2 took shots at my Ucs and although he needed 6’s again the sheer about of fire manage to bag one but the platoon held strong.

His Panzers then made their first mistake and stormtrooperd back away from my breaching group but in an effort to not mass up left one of their mates in the open.

Turn 1b
I contacted headquarters asking for some support but they denied me.

My breaching group now outside of 16” range and having a target in the open had opened up. I command one of the tanks to take shots at the 2ic and the other 2 went after the panzer 4 platoon. I hit the 2ic and fire erupted. Since there was no friendly near by the crew had no choice but give up. The rest of the panzer 4 platoon did not fear much better as smoke rose from 2 more panzer 4’s. 4 shots with reroll misses makes quick work of tanks when you only need 5’s to hit!

The UC’s opened up on the AA’s with their .50 cals and bagged one.

Spotting from the tower, the OP had clear site to the CC and was able to catch a AA truck in it as well and called in a strike. His match was good and shells landed on target hitting both the CC and the AA but it seems the Navy had forgotten to take the safty’s off as both came out of the smoke un harmed! ( he rolled a 5 for the AA trucks transport save and a 6 for the CC’s TA save!!)

The last of the Panzer’s, not knowing that his platoon was wiped out kept working on fixing the track so he can get back in the fight. (made moral save).

Turn 2a

The CC moved into the hills to get some cover and take command of the lone panzer 4. The AA took shots at the UC’s but failed to score a hit.

Turn 2b
The brits get some help in the form of some foot sloggers but these chaps are happy as can be racing up to the front moving 12” in their shiny new sherman APC’s.

The breaching group opens up on the AA and bags one. The Ucs move up through the crops and start contesting the objective. NGF ranges in on the CC but fails to hit.

Turn 3a

The German commander calls in for help but is told there is a dead donkey and cart on the bridge leading to them and they will continue to be delayed. He takes some long range shots at the breaching group but fails to land any hits. The AA in the woods is now commanderless and has no targets in range. Things are not looking good for the germans.

The other Panzer 4 see the sherman APC’s coming down the vally and open fires into them. He hits twice! One round glances off the armor to the delight of the crew and passengers but their buddies in the APC next to them are not so lucky and cries can be heard as men start jumping out of the smoking wreck. (two of 2 teams lost). The transports rally though and carry on!

Turn 3b

With the panzer 4 firing one them the men jump from the APCs and head into the rocky hills for some cover. They can see the objective so close (6” away) yet are unable to reach it at this time.
The breaching group knowing that the objective closest to them is in the hands of the UC’s and that the INF are closing in on the 2nd objective play it smart and continue to do cover fire against the CC. They land a direct hit! But the shell fails to do and real damage ( makes armor save).

The OP is called on again to help and with the full might of the british navy they call down Thor’s hammer on the CC. They HIT! But this man has more lives than a cat and mangers to move his command to the last panzer 4.

Turn 4a
The bridge is clear and panzer grens in their halftracks race onto the scene! They catch part of the brit infantry in the open and open fire. Another team is down and the platoon is pinned.The CC moves forward to take a position where he can try to protect the first objective and fires on the breaching group with no luck.

Turn 4b

The WASPs come on the table and start to move their way towards the first objective trying not to catch the eye of the ever present german commander. The breaching group opens up on the CC and manages another hit but fails to pen the armor.

The OP now has new orders and opens up fire on the panzer grens. He manages to catch 3 halftracks and 2 gren teams in his sites and when the smoke cleared there was 3 blown out HT’s and one less gren team on the table. The brit rifles seeing the panzer 4 drive off call forward their ride and hope in.

Turn 5a

The germans get some recce cycles and they speed their way to the first objective. The CC takes some shots at the breaching group and miss.
The panzer grens, with most of their rides blown up are pissed off and notice that the british commander was sitting on the nearby hill overlooking the battle while drinking tea. They make a charge for him and shower him and a hail of gun fire. Luckly for him he drinks his tea in fox holes and came out of it without spilling a single drop.

Turn 5b

Seeing the approaching recce teams one of the UC’s open fire on them, only to miss completely. The breaching group splits it fire as well between the CC and the recce and misses too.
The WASPS push in more to the objective.

The NGFS fail to range in.

The Brit rifles in their 2 remaining APCS charge around the corner to protect their commanding officer and open fire with .50 cal and MG’s blazing. The last halftracks go up in smoke and fire and 2 more gren teams die. The MG fire pins them down as they seek cover.

Turn 6A

Now that the UC’s made the costly mistake of giving away their position the commander pushes into the crops and open fires on them. They score a hit and destroys another of the UC’s. The remaining UC seeing the panzer in his face decides its time to go refule and leaves the battle.

The german recce dismount and push into the crops.

The panzer grens keep their heads down (failed to unpin) and take one last pot shot at the brit commander with no luck.

Turn 6b

The Brit APC’s finish off the panzer grens in a rain of bullets.

The Op calls in a strike on the recce but fail to score a hit. The breaching group splits fire yet again and do manage to kill one of the 3 recce teams as well as score a hit on the german commander, but yet again he cheats death as the shell deflects of the tough german armor. ( I swear this guy never fails an armor save!)

The WASPS push up in order to contest the objective and 1 of them opens fire on the lone panzer 4 hoping to set someone on fire. But no luck!

Turn 7a

The remaining recce teams seek cover in the crops. The german commander opens fire on the WASPS and manages to blow up the one that fired on it.

Turn 7b

The WASPs both open fire on the 2 recce teams but they are a tricky lot and only 1 team got hit. (1,2,1 and 1,2,3 were my rolls for vet flamers). But seeing their comrades burn to a crisp was enough for the remaining recce team to surrender.

Next the brit APC’s charged up the the loan AA on the truck and let loose again with the .50 cals and when the dust settled all that was left was a smokeing wreck.

The breaching group opened up with all guns on the german commander and this time his luck had run out. 2 hits, he made one armor save but the other shell (marked with “do not return to sender”) hit home and blew the tank sky high.

At the end of the day with only the loss of the recce unit the brits took both objectives and clearned the huns from the field.

A 5/2 allied victory!