NZ Rifle Company vs 90. Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 1 | patch
Axis: 6 | ScaryBiscuits

Pat's New Zealanders returned for another go at my 90.PzGren Division's Panzergrenadiers in the Liri Valley. The battle was a No Retreat with Pat once again launching a Night Attack.

Pat's troops deployed along a broad front, weighting one side where the main attack against the village was going to strike. My troops dug in around the objective with the StuGs in ambush. His attack fell on the village quickly, with my troops blind as a bat for several turns. Only some incredibly fortunate (and unfortunate) rolling kept the Germans in action, repulsing the main attack long enough for reserves to arrive and take over.

The attack foiled, the Germans counterattacked and pushed the last of the Kiwis back from the half-way point for a 6-1 victory over the Allied attack.