British Armored Sqaudron vs Panzergrenadier Force

Allies: 5 | brimcamethenleft
Axis: 2 | madson

Same forces as last battle, but different map. Troops 4 and 5 of 26th Brigade, instead of attacking the main enemy headquarters at Londonuk hill were ordered to flank the enemy on the outskirts of Ardea simultaneously. The Company overcame tremendous fire from dug-in anti tank guns, taking heavy cultivates. However the Poor bloody infantry overcame the anti tank guns and shot em' dead through an assault. This allowed the overwhelming tide of Tommy's in their tanks to rush the Town and shoot Jerry's Tigers and Stugs dead. With only the Infantry left, Jerry withdrew deeper into the town. The Shermans of troops 4 and 5, relieved at the sight of the fleeing Jerry's, Have dug in, as best as you can with tanks, in an attempt to hold their ground should Jerry return.