6. Armored Division vs 715. InfanterieDivision

Allies: 2 | tulmir
Axis: 5 | DNAManiac

Mission: Hold The Line
German 715. Infanteriedivision - Granadier Kompanie
British 6th Armored Division - Armoured Squadron(1330 points)

German Granadier Kompanie (Fortress Italy):
HQ: CiC + 2.IC with panzerfausts + panzershrek team
3x Grenadier Squads all with panzerfausts
3x Grenadier Squads all with panzerfausts
3x StuG G
4x 12cm GW43 Mortars
3x 7.5cm Pak40
2x Pioneer squads with supply truck
2x HG 8.8cm Flak36 With extra crew.

Biritish Armoured Squadron:
HQ: 2 Sherman V
4 Sherman V with .50 cal AA mg
4 Sherman V with .50 cal AA mg
4 Sherman V with .50 cal AA mg
2 Honey Stuart with .50 cal AA mg

Our very first Campaign game both for me and my less experienced friend with his new armored squadron, playing as always defend rule.

Deplyoing an engineer platoon with CiC, panzershrek and mine field secured my first objective and 88s deployed for another, waited for the british attack. British tanks decided to attack on the close objective with pioneers defending and a platoon and recce tried to outflank and look for some opportunites out there.

Slow and cautious advance of brits took us some time and deployed our first grenadier platton as ambush to further delay the enemy with a pak40 attached. Wroked well with a sherman kill and stalled them more. As the main force reached the objective deployed another Grenadiers from ambush to reinforce the objective. After turns of shooting and an assualt pioneer platoon completely destoyed but bought us time for stug G support and we had destoyed many shermans already. With a last hopeless effort, Stuarts assualted on 88's but defensive fire got em both.

Great to have an online Campaign, expect more reports from Turkey.