British Armored Squadron vs Panzergrenaidier

Allies: 4 | brimcamethenleft
Axis: 3 | madson

Forces: -Fortress Europe 1350ish- Pincer

British Armored Company
CC x2 Sherman V
Troop 1 x3 Sherman V
Troop 2 x3 Sherman V
TD platoon x4 M10
Rifle Platoon: 1 Command Team, 6 rifle/mg, 1 mortar, 1 piat,
Artillery: x2 sexton, x1 Command Team, x1 Sherman OP

German Panzer Grenadier Company
CC x2 Command Teams, x1 Panzershrek Team
Grenaidier Platoon 1 x1 Command Team, x6 Rifle MG teams
Gernaidier Platoon 2
Heavy AT platoon x3 Pak40, x1 Command Team
Assault Gun Platoon x3 STUG G
Heavy Tank Platoon x2 Tiger

Allied Armour of the 26th Armored Brigade attempted a spearhead probe into enemy territory. The attack began well, with all armored Units moving into position and preparing a breakthrough into the German line. However, German anti-tank guns and Assault guns stooped the British Armor in its tracks. The British Armor for the rest of the game battled the STUGS for control over Londonuk Hill, both sides taking heavy casualties. The allies managed to counter attack with Infantry, splitting the German line in have. However, a Platoon of Tiger Tanks showed up at just the same moment, machine gunning the Infantry and pinning them down. It was up to the Allied observer, who managed to get behind enemy lines, and get to an objective.