Armoured Squadron vs Panzerkompanie

Allies: 1 | MarkoD
Axis: 6 | Kantoken

Mission: Free for All
German Panzerkompanie VS Canadian Armoured Squadron (1650 points)

German Panzerkompanie (Fortress Europe):
HQ: 2 Panzer IV H
3x Panzer IV H
4x StuG G
3x StuG G
Motorised Scout Platoon – 2 MG teams
2 Möbelwagen
Armoured Rocket Launcher Battery - 1 Launcher Section, 4 Panzerwerfers (5+ crew)

Canadian Armoured Squadron:
HQ: 2 Sherman V
3 Sherman V (one .50 AA cal), 1 Firefly
3 Sherman V (one .50 AA cal), 1 Firefly
3 Universal Carriers
Rifle Platoon (PIAT, light mortar)
2 Bofors 40mm
4 OQF 25 pounders
Sporadic Kittyhawk
Auster AOP (Dixie Air Support)

My third game for the Italy campaign and boy, did I manage to switch it around. But I have to be honest, I didn’t have much hope at the start of the game...

My opponent gets lucky and gets to be the attacker. He chose the board edge I would’ve chosen, with lots of slow going terrain but which also gave concealment. And with Veteran status, that’s awesome. My side of the board had two forests and two hills, so I was kinda struggling with my deployment. I had at least one Panzerwerfer in line of sight of his arty. Yeah ok, that works both ways, but still.
I put 4 Panzers (including the 2iC) and the scouts on the left flank, and the rest of my force went to the right. My opponent got a heavy right flank and that worried me, but it also meant his left was lightly defended.

And then I got first turn. Meaning I can’t use my arty, but he can use his and his air support in turn 1. Well then.

Turn 1, I push my StuGs up a bit and take some shots at his carriers, which successfully flee. I re-position the rest of my army so I’m able to easier react to his movements.
He pushes his Shermans forward and starts shooting, targeting the StuGs closest to him. The Sherman shots I manage to bounce, but he fails the firepower tests for his Fireflies!

Turn 2 and 3, I move every tank on my right flank up to his left and start shooting, managing to kill a Sherman and bail another. His return fire sees lots of hits but he can’t transfer them to kills. One StuG gets bailed out a second time and fails his motivation check. It is the first casualty on my side: it isn’t turning out as bad as I thought.

Turn 4 and 5, I keep pushing on the right flank and kill enough Shermans to force a platoon morale check which he fails. And all of a sudden, he only has his 2iC Sherman there. He sends his remaining Bofor (one got killed by my arty) to the objective there, and pushes his entire right flank unto my left. I lose another StuG.

Turn 5 and 6 see me kill the Sherman and Bofor on the objective at the right flank. I just need to hold on for one more turn and will win. His arty and airplane fail to remove my tanks there. He keeps pushing his forces onto my left flank but it’s too late: I can finally write down my first win for the campaign!

Fun facts: my Mobelwagens didn’t fire one shot during the entire game. The Panzers on my left flank were ALL bogged down at one point in the game. The Kittyhawk came in EVERY turn except for the last one (which I think saved me).
To kill the Bofor, the last remaining Canadian platoon on the objective, I had 2 StuGs and 1 Panzer available. Needing 6s, I only get one hit with a machine gun. Uh oh, that means a 6+ firepower test to kill the Bofor and secure my victory. I got lucky and roll another 6!