Polish Infantry Company vs Grenadier Company

Allies: 2 | monasier
Axis: 5 | BonAccueil

Continuing our escalation league, 900 pts armies clashed as the Polish II Corps continued their advance north from Cassino.
Polish Force:

HQ + 3 full Rifle Platoons, 1 Scout Patrol w/ .50 cals, 4 Late 6 pounders w/ transports, 4 3" mortars w/ trucks

German force:
HQ w/ knackers and Schreck, 2 Grenadier Platoons w/ Fausts, 6 8cm mortars, 3 Panzer IV, 2 7.5cm infantry guns

Mission: Hasty Attack

Germans KGed two mortars to create 6 platoons, placing one Grenadier platoon, 4 mortar platoon and infantry guns on the table. Poles night attacked with two rifle platoons and scouts.
Initially, Polish infantry was able to advance with no losses to the bridge and river bisecting the table. Mortars couldn't spot them, and infantry guns did no damage. On turn 2, as their mortars came on, they felt confident.
However, infantry gun bombardment soon gutted one platoon, killing 4 stands with a single bombardment. Carrier patrol decided to take their revenge, and shot up the infantry guns. 6 pounders arrived, but, due to hilly Italian terrain, created a traffic jam of their own.
To make matters worse, Panzer IV platoon showed up and started shooting up the injured Rifle platoon. Dawn broke on Polish 3rd turn, and Carriers and Rifles prepared to assault. Despite their armour, and mortars pinning the grenadiers, Carriers were bounced back with one dead and one bailed. Riflemen managed to kill two grenadier stands, but took five casualties and failed their counterattack roll once Germans moved in (and who can blame them?). PIVs blasted the Carriers and damaged Rifle platoon, then finished them in assault, despite losing one tank to PIAT. Reinforcing grenadiers killed the other infantry platoon. Despite Polish attempts to close and cross the river, time ran out and Germans were victorious!