3rd Infantry Division vs Hermann Goring Armoured Company

Allies: 3 | Magnus
Axis: 4 | farkongnome

Mission: Fighting Withdrawal
Defending: Confident Veteran Allies
Attacking: Confident Veteran Axis

Confident Veterans from the 3rd Infantry Division (Magnus) with orders for fighting withdrawal against fast advancing Panzers from the Hermann Goring Panzerkompanie Regiment (FarkonGnome).

Turn 1 found the German advancing across the field of battle, spread out far enough apart from each other that any threat from Naval Bombardment would limit causalities. While out of range from the American force, the Germans were able to take pot shots at them with their Nebelwerfer battery. Sadly, the rocket didn't find their mark and thus ended their turn. The American called in their naval support and managed to take down one Brummbar. First blood by the Allies!

Turn 2 brought the Germans closer to their objectives while a lone 2iC from the allies found themselves in deep trouble as the advancing panthers managed to assault him and kill them. My SdKfz 10/5 are running all over the board trying to shoot down the American AOP but this will prove to be a waste of time throughout the battle. The Nebelwerfers managed to home in and pin down the American Pioneers, but failed to reduce their numbers. The Americans managed to unpin only after their commander yelled at them to stop being cowards, and mostly stayed put in their hidey holes. The Allies pop an ambush of antitank guns and manage bail a Brummbar rather than outright destroy it. Naval bombardment in this turn wasn’t as effect as the previous round as they were unable to range in successfully.

Turn 3 managed to have the Germans on 2 of the objectives and wanting to rid themselves of the ambush, concentrate their firepower on the guns and wipe them out. But alas, the gun commander still stands (but not for long)! Continued shelling on the American hidey-holes results in 4 kills across the battlefield, but otherwise the Americans stay put. The Americans get some support in the form of Stuarts on the eastern edge of the battlefield, but the Panthers and Panzers are ready for this threat. Naval bombardment again this turn manages to knock out a panzer, but again, the troops stay put (As Steve says – they’d be crazy to assault now).

Turn 4 finds the Germans shelling the Stuarts from both Panthers and Panzers reducing a few of them to smoking wrecks. Elsewhere on the battlefield the Germans are preparing to assault the troops near 2 objectives they are currently contesting. The remaining Stuarts try to put a hurt on the panzers but the Shurzen on them bounce a few of the hits. Alas, they managed to destroy one Panzer with a well-placed side shot. Naval bombardment managed to find 2 marks and destroys one panther and bails another one.

Turn 5 finds the Germans assaulting on both the east and west objectives. Fighting was bloody but near the eastern objective, the Germans force back the Americans far enough away from the objective and pins them down (this will cost the Americans the game). The western objective saw some action as well, as the American dogs manage to bail a panzer, as well as destroying both a Brummbar and a Panzer. The Allies are forced to withdraw one platoon and take the Pioneer force away from the central objective. The Allies bring in the Shermans to deal with the continued threat on the western objective, and manage to destroy a few tanks, and contest the objective. Naval bombardment manages to destroy the lone Panzer on the eastern objective, but with the Panther within range of the objective, all hope of an Allied victory is lost.

Final causality count:

2 German platoons
1 American Platoon