First Special Service Forces vs Hermann Goring (HG) Panzer Company

Allies: 1 | Brigadebill
Axis: 6 | Zenk

BrigadeBill's First Special Service Force from the “Devils Brigade” fought in a defensive battle (Pincer) against Zenk's Panzers from the Hermann Goring (HG) Panzer Regiment.

Turn #1 the Panzers from HG attacked on both flanks with German half-tracks, Panzer IV Hs and an Armoured Car Recon platoon moving on the back left objective while Panzer III Ns assaulted down the right towards the more upfront objective. Four Brummbars moved down the center towards a small Italian Villa. AA covered the Panzerwerfers who were parked in the rear ready to bombard any potential targets.

German Recon was quick to negate good positions on the left flank so the Americans kept their ambush on hold. American Priests bombarded the Half-tracks but only killed one. The Special Forces platoon deployed on the right flank kept their heads down.

Turn #2 the Germans kept up the pressure on the flanks. They assaulted the Special Forces Infantry platoon on the right objective, killing two stands but losing one Panzer III N in the process. They were not able to continue the assault and had to retreat. On the left, the Germans were setting up for an attack on the Objective held by an Armoured Field Artillery battery and the Company CO.

Turn #3 the Brummbars were now in range to start blasting away at troops in buildings and dug in positions killing three more stands but the Special forces held their ground. Somewhere a five Sherman platoon ambush was lurking but still they would not appear. More American artillery rained down shells on the German attackers but with little results.

Turn #4 saw the Germans in position on both flanks to make assaults. Too many Bazookas still alive on the right so they used this turn to soften things up before they move in for the kill. On the left, the German Infantry dismounted their vehicles and assaulted the Company CO and Artillery HQ killing both. Finally the Shermans popped their ambush around a wooded area positioned to the right of center. They took aim on the Panzer IVs, killing two and bailing one. The Platoon failed their first platoon morale check but since they were an Elite unit from the HG regiment they received a second roll and passed. Stuarts also appeared in reserve on the left flank doing much damage to the armoured half-track platoon but once again they passed their morale due to their Elite HG status. The left objective was now contested by both sides.

Turn #5, the Germans broke through on the right, eliminating the Special forces platoon with the Panzer IIIs. Meanwhile two Brummbars and three Panzer IVs had great shots on the Shermans and knocked out the entire American platoon. Another Special Forces platoon appeared as reserves on the right flank to try and take back the objective but their spirits were low and they couldn't muster enough courage to take on the Panzer IIIs protecting the objective.

Turn #6, Game over. The Germans have won by capturing the objective on the right. Final score. Axis 6, Allies 1.