82nd ABN 1/504th A Co vs 26. Panzerdivision 1. Panzergrenadierkompanie

Allies: 3 | GenPatton88
Axis: 4 | ColJohan

This area said it had woods so we loaded up the table with lots of woods (all we had) with a road down one side and a pond with an open meadow area on the other. We went end to end and with all the trees I decided on minimal arty. ColJohan though brought his arty and mortars, he likes using those.
A Co 1/504th HQ sec plus 2 bazookas and 2 snipers (170); Para Plt (230); Para Plt (230); Para Plt (230); Para MG Plt w/LMG and 2 bazookas (225); Para Mortar Plt 4 81mm (135); FSSF Plt w/Pioneer Rifle/MG tms and Pioneer SMG tm and bazooka and mortar (265) total = 1485
1. Panzergrenadierkompanie HQ sec (45); PG Plt (180); PG Plt (180); PG Hvy Plt (195); PG Mortar Plt (160); Motorized Arty Btry w/ 4 leFH18 (210); Motorized Arty Btry w/ 4 le FH18 (210); Panzer Pioneer Plt (205); Grenadier Plt 362 Inf w/2 sqd (110) total = 1495

I started off as the attacker and didn't do anything the first turn but move, though I used the truscott trot to get closer to the enemy. With all the limited line of sight The German's also moved but instead of running used they walked and then used stormtrooper moves to inch up.
Turn 2 was a more of the same and with all my troops moving I couldn't bring any observed mortar bombardments. I did manage to get a Para Plt and the FSSF Plt to the edge of the woods overlooking the area around the pond. ColJohan did the same but his Hvy Plt and Pioneers took up position on the other side of the clearing around the pond. Along the road his Grenadiers moved up and guarded it while his PG plts continued on through the woods on either side of the road.

Turn three gave me a chance to shoot something while my Plts along the road and in the woods either side of the road moved up and took some pot shots at his plts, also in woods. I rolled only 2 hits out of 12 dice and he saved both. Around the pond I was luckier but he was just as lucky and saved everything. On his turn ColJohan dug in his troops around the pond and road and moved up his PG plts. His shooting was a bit better than mine in the woods and his Grenadiers were even better. He scored 6 hits amongst my two Para plts and I failed two saves on the one nearest the table edge. Around the pond he managed 8 hits on my FSSF Plt and I failed 3 of those, pinned and hurt.

Turn 4 was worse for me as I couldn't risk any assaults unless I could pin his plts. I dug in my troops and used my 2iC to call for mortar fire on the PG plt nearest the table edge. I failed to range in and saw an opportunity walk away. I tried to return fire around the pond but was outgunned there and only managed two hits and he saved both. The German part of the turn was worse for me as his observers had gotten in place last turn and he let loose with 2 Arty Batteries as well as his Mortar Plt. The result was the Para Plt nearest the table edge lost 4 tms and the one on the other side of the road lost 2 tms. Now I was confident that I would pass any morale tests (and did so) with my fearless paratroopers I was pinned. His PG plts then added insult to injury and took a tm from my Para Plt between the road and pond. His hvy plt hit my FSSF plt hard again and killed three tms with mg and mortar fire, who then failed thier morale test and ran! Now he assaulted my Para plts on either side of the road and I failed to stop them with defensive fire. The Para plt nearest the table edge was wiped out and though the other survived and I managed to counterattack I still fell to the numbers and was wiped out when he countered my counter. If I couldn't manage some hurt on him next turn I was in trouble.

turn 5 I was down 3 plts but my mg plt and mortars were in position to put some hurt on his damaged PG plts. I managed two whittle down the largest PG plt and pin it. The one on the other side I wiped out with very good rolls from my mortars and miserable rolls for his saves. Around the pond my snipers were in position to pick off a tm and pin that pesky hvy plt of his. The german turn saw his pinned troops recover and dig in. His atry tore up my mg plt which ran away, so much for that fearless rating!

Turn 6 and it was looking bad for me. My mortars did manage to take a tm from that PG plt between the road and pond and saw them run away. On his turn he finished off my troops around the pond area and started sneeking some of his observers forward. His arty managed to pelt my mg plt, killing two tms and pinning them. Now I was down 4 plts to his loss of 2 plts. He had three manuever plts to my two and he still had two arty batteries and a mortar plt to my one mortar plt. I didn't see how I was going to be able to pull victory from this kind of math and gave up.

He gloated and laughed, though he did pull off a good win. If I hadn't of rolled so crappy I think I could have done better. ColJohan points out that his indirect fire was the real tipper of the scales and says that why Artillery is called the King of Battle. :{