3rd Rifles vs HG Armored

Allies: 1 | mtanquero
Axis: 6 | Thebumpkinboy


Confident that the woods were secure for now I returned to Aprilia where I found it under heavy attack from land, sea, and air. Having revealed their main axis of attack I felt comfortable in committing my available panzers with an armored infantry detachment into a counter attack small bulge of dismounted infantry that had gathered in the front lines.
My main thrust of attack would be wherever my StuHs ended up as my 8 rads would be the first to arrive from reserves.
When the cauldron was discovered all available units were to converge on the location and I was lucky to be able to choose where two of my three platoons were to arrive.
The random deployment had left me facing his main anti-tank assets which you would think would be great seeing as he first turn. He opened fire with his 57?mm and tank destroyers but even able to hit on 6s he fails to pass any firepower tests. One panzer iii did not unbail even with protected ammo until the last turn.
I wiped 3 of his tank destroyers but the last one passed motivation and even with a last man standing he stayed for the rest of the game.
His return fire caused some more casualties and i lost a panzer iv a iii and my 2ic. His artillery came in but was not in a position to do much and my nebs fired once.
Breakthrough gun and lifting gone to ground took a heavy heavy toll and began the forward advance. At this point he began making very aggressive moves that were almost paying off but his rolls were not paying off.
The game ended when his armored rifle platoon was eliminated and with that the last momentum to anything he felt he could do against the amount of armor I had.
I have been really luck these Italy games and my opponents unlucky as games with Rob and Mike usually end in 4-3s in any direction but at least the Ami invasion of Anzio remains sealed! And the route to Rome safe!