100th Nisei Battalion vs 715. Infantrie Division

Allies: 1 | Corky272
Axis: 6 | Ertle

100th Nisei Battalion (Fearless Vet, 1765 points)
Company HQ (w/2 Bazookas)
First Platoon (3 squads, w/sharpshooter)
Second Platoon (3 squads, w/sharpshooter)
Nisei AT Platoon (2 M1 57mm (late), w/2 Bazookas)
Nisei AT Platoon (2 M1 57mm (late), w/2 Bazookas)
Light Tank Platoon (3 M24 Chaffees)
Tank Destroyer Platoon (4 M10 3in GMC (late) w/Top Armor 1 & Improvised Armor)
Nisei Field Arty Battery (4 M2A1 105mm)
AOP (w/column security)

715. Infantrie Division (Confident Vet, 1775 points)
Company HQ (w/Panzerschreck & 2 snipers)
Grenadier Platoon (3 squads)
Grenadier Platoon (3 squads)
Panzergrenadier Platoon (3 squads)
Grenadier Machine Gun Platoon (4 MG42 HMG)
Heavy Tank Platoon (3 Tiger I E)
Rocket Launcher Battery (3 NW42, w/PaK40)
HG Heavy Anti-Air Gun Platoon (2 8.8cm FlaK36, w/extra crew)

Italy Campaign Mission Situation: Liri River Valley (river valley, Hitler Line Fortified)

Our table was dressed to resemble an actually location in Italy, as observed from Google Earth: an open river valley surrounded by fields with a few farm houses, and situated at the base of a mountain. The mission rolled up was “Fighting Withdrawal” and the Axis commander chose to defend, drawing his lines on the north half of the battlefield utilizing the river as a defensive line. After their successful campaign against the HG Panzerkompanie, the Allied Commander felt quite confident in a victory against the German infantry.

Our second engagement lasted for 7 turns over the course of 3 hours and 23 minutes. The Allies lost both Nisei Rifle Platoons, their Chaffee Platoon, one Nisei Anti-tank Platoon, and their Executive Officer. In contrast, the Germans suffered the loss of only 6 fireteams. In humbling fashion, the mission resulted in a German victory with a 6-1 American concession.

The Allied Commander built his Nisei Rifle Battalion from “Road to Rome”. The Axis Commander built his Grenadierkompanie from “Dogs & Devils”.

The First Objective was deployed on the western flank of the table just beyond the fjord. The Second Objective was deployed centrally on the table, north of the blown bridge, in the middle of road running alongside the mountain. The Third Objective was deployed on the eastern flank of the battlefield on the far side of the mountain, deployed as a means of dividing the German defense.

With his entire force at his disposal, the German commander executed a brilliant deployment. Attaching out his Machine Gun Platoon, the first Grenadier Platoon dug in around the fjord while the second Grenadier Platoon dug into the house with all guns concentrating their fire upon the fjord. The Panzergrenadier Platoon dug into the center of the board, utilizing the stone fence as cover while the platoon guarded the second objective and directed their fire across the breadth of the river. Interestingly, the German commander used his Rocket Battery to defend the Third Objective. The 88s were deployed on the mountain to gain the advantage of elevation while the Tigers were held in Ambush. The CO was deployed to command both of the grenadier platoons while the XO dug in with the Panzergrenadiers.

Frustrated with their limited deployment zone, the Allied commander still believed in his continued success and used a routine deployment. The Field Artillery deployed along the back of the battlefield while both Anti-Tank Platoons deployed along with road, with their OICs and Bazookas poised to breach the river. The Chaffees deployed forward in their zone on the eastern flank to take on the rockets, while the Tank Destroyer security section deployed in the center of the board awaiting their Tiger targets.

This mission would not last long as it was over long before it began. Making two critical errors, the Allied commander split his Nisei Platoons, each going after their own objectives. Additionally, to make up for their distance from the river, both Nisei Platoons double-timed to the river. Both the Chaffees and the Tank Destroyers advanced on the river, while the AT guns crept along the road heading towards the fjord. With the AOP failing to range in on the dug in Grenadiers, the German commander smiled with delight and proclaimed, “Checkmate!”

Upon receiving the turn, the German commander revealed a sniper on the mountain, and his Tigers in support of the Panzergrenadiers. With twice as many shots at their disposal, both Grenadier Platoons opened up on their Nisei counterparts across the river as did the Panzergrenadiers. After one round of shooting, only five teams were left between the two rifle platoons. Eventually, not even their fearless rating would keep them on the board. The 88s and Tigers both opened up on the Chaffees successfully eliminating American armor by Turn 2. Completely untouched by artillery, the first Grenadier Platoon picked off teams from both Nisei AT platoons for the next three turns, successfully destroying one platoon while crippling another. From Turn 2 on, the Allied Commander scrambled, trying to fight his way across the river while holding on dearly to the few remaining assets he had left.

Having withdrawn both Grenadier Platoons by Turn 6, the destroyer section of the Tank Destroyers was finally able to cross the river. The remaining 57mm finally crossed the river and the Nisei 105s continued to smoke the Tigers. Unfortunately, these actions would prove too little too late.

On Turn 7 after a failed American attempt to engage the Tigers, the German commander withdrew the Tiger Platoon as well as the Second Objective. With only a skeleton army and the two objectives removed from the western flank, the Allied Commander humbly conceded a 6-1 victory to the Germans.

Allied Losses:
Executive Officer
Nisei Rifle Platoon (OIC, 9 fireteams, 2 bazookas)
Nisei Rifle Platoon (OIC, 9 fireteams, 2 bazookas)
Nisei AT Platoon (2 57mm guns, 1 Bazooka)
Nisei AT Platoon (OIC, 2 57mm guns, 2 Bazookas)
Light Tank Platoon (3 M24 Chaffees)

Axis Losses:
Grenadier Platoon (2 fireteams)
Grenadier Platoon (1 fireteam, 1 HMG)
Panzergrenadier Platoon (2 fireteams)