78th Infantry Division vs Herman Goring Division

Allies: 1 | CthulhuFred
Axis: 6 | bcolosky42

Scenario: No Retreat
Points: 1650
Allied: 78th Division Infantry Company (Will, turns 1 & 2, CthulhuFred 3 & 4 )
Axis: Herman Goring Panzer Division ( Ben )
Outcome: Major Axis Victory (6-2)

Initial deployment of the 78th's troops included one platoon of infantry and a 6 pdr AT battery within a small village on the SW quadrant of the field centred upon the ruins of a prototype Sherman. To the NW, 4 M10C waited in ambush behind a seemingly unguarded rocket test site. On making contact with enemy forces, additional support resources were requested.

Ten panzers of varying classifications were soon spotted advancing along the southern axis of the battlefield from the east, but these vehicles halted upon spotting the AT guns supporting 2nd platoon. Another three panzers were spotted along the northern edge of the combat zone, also advancing from the east, supported by 8.8cm AT guns and a platoon of panzergrenadiers. Stuka fighter-bombers were spotted in the area, but our own fighters proved capable in preventing assault upon our tightly-packed forces.

The platoon leader for the grenadiers, proved quite zealous in attempting to claim the "unguarded" rocket site, racing ahead of the main body of troops while mounted in lorries. They quickly ran into our tank hunters, which despatched their vehicles, and a good volume of the men inside them. To the late commander's credit, his surviving personnel (about half a dozen men), held fast and began to dig in around the objective. The Achilles then began to turn their attentions upon the arriving 8.8s, hoping to do the same, but their guns quickly unlimbered and began destroying the tank hunters while the RN began to (ineffectively) shell the battery.

It was around this time in the fighting that I arrived with 1st platoon to relieve the officer in charge. Realizing that we were terribly undergunned for the situation, and that our men would not reach the rocket site before the Jerries secured it, I called for one final push with air and naval fire to try to extricate the surviving grenadiers before their armour arrived. Both rocket and salvo proved unsuccessful, and as the last of the Achilles began to rout, a general withdrawl was issued to regroup for a more organized push back.

3 M10C lost (2 two enemy fire, 1 abandoned), 1 M10C damaged

appox. 25 men, 4 lorries